Knox Lite CE Protector Part 54


Knox Lite CE Protector Part 54. Perfect unobtrusive, low profile design.

Made from lightweight flexible PU engineered in a 3 dimensional form.
As the name suggests Knox Lite offers a thinner, breathable, lightweight alternative and is an excellent choice for garments where the protector needs to be virtually invisible.
Knox Lite part 54 is CE certified for the Elbow and Knee.

These soft and flexible protectors have fine edges for added comfort and feature 2 hinge points to aid movement.
Fully vented for breathability
The finish is smooth on both sides and the edges are fine
Optional Velcro fitting system

3 other styles to cover Shoulder, Elbow, Knee (See comparison table)
Sizes for Men, Ladies and Kids
Colour – Black
CE approved Limb Protectors EN 1621 -1.
See fitting guide for sizes

Designed in Britain by Knox and Made In China

Knox Lite is fully CE certified to EN 1621-1:2012 Level 1

Approval of Technical file Mandatory
Approval of user information Mandatory
Minimum zone of protection Mandatory
Performance in ambient conditions Mandatory
Performance in hydrolytic conditions Mandatory
Performance in high temperature conditions Optional
Performance in low temperature conditions Optional
Ergonomic assessment Mandatory
Product marking Mandatory
Innocuousness Mandatory

Product Features


Allows the bodies natural heat to escape through the fabric.


Flexes in 2 or more directions and does not restrict body movement.


Foam or Gel energy absorbent protection.

Flex Groves
Body formed 3D shape
Flex Vent
Honeycomb backed PE outer

Knox Lite Sizing

Description Part No Length Width STANDARD Level Size  A or B Weight in grams Thickness mm
Shoulder 52 23.5cm 19cm EN 1621-1:2012 1 Type B  - S 73 13
Elbow/Knee 54 27cm 20cm EN 1621-1:2012 1 Type B  - E/K 93 13
Shoulder 55 20cm 16cm EN 1621-1:2012 1 Type A -  S 65 13
Elbow/Knee 56 23.5cm 15.5cm EN 1621-1:2012 1 Type A - E/K 75 13
The measurements above represent the actual size of the protector. The protector pockets should ideally be approx 1cm bigger all round. The protector opening should be at least 85% of the width of the protector. Care should be taken when inserting or removing protectors as excess force can cause damage. We cannot accept responsibility for damage caused by rough handling.

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Knox Lite CE Protector Part 54

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