SPS Part 403



SCAPHOID PROTECTION SYSTEM Protecting riders scaphoids since 2003

SPS Impact Part 403

New Impact SPS is made from a layer of Knox’s latest Micro-lock armour on the inside and abrasion resistant LDPE on the outside. The soft inner Micro-Lock improves production as its flexible edge is easier to sew and combines well with surrounding fabrics.

Each set supplied with 4 pieces and Instruction booklet.

Scaphoid injury is the most common hand injury caused by the grab effect when the palm of the hand makes contact with the ground. 11 years ago Knox invented and patented the SPS (scaphoid protection system) which for the first time gave riders effective protection against common scaphoid injuries caused by either a compression fracture or by hyper extension.The Knox SPS is a clever system that works by attaching 2 parts to the palm of the glove, making a bridge over the scaphoid. These plastic parts act as a slider eliminating the grab effect and scaphoid injuries. This has proven to be a very effective system for riders with no loss of flexibility, discomfort or interference with the controls when operating the bike.

Many thousands of riders continue to benefit from this important innovation to their gloves.
Knox SPS is patented technology under the following Patents No: EP1594378 & US8671463
Protective Glove. Planet Knox Ltd.

There are 4 other different styles

  • Sport SPS Part 301
  • Low Profile Part 303
  • SPS Impact with Full Wrap Part 404

The Knox Scaphoid Protection System passes the requirements of the new glove standard EN 13594 - 2015, when tested as part of a glove.

This new protective glove standard is difficult and gloves are assessed on the level of protection they provide whilst motorcycle riding.

Design & Construction Pass
Innocuousness – Tests The Materials Used Pass
Dexterity Pass
Abrasion Resistance Pass

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Knox SPS

Thumb and full wrap Palm pad set Part 403

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SPS Part 403

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